Welcome to Edgemate Stone Tools, LLC. We are a stone tool manufacturer in the USA. We provide the most cost effective equipment that is innovative, portable and reliable, while offering you great customer support. Edgemate Stone Tools has a proven track record, offering the right machines to make your business more successful.
 Sink cutouts in 3 minutes
The Sinkmate System is the fastest method for cutting sink holes.
The Sinkmate System uses three separate tools for sink cutouts. These three tools follow the same template creating a very fast and accurate system for cutting your sink holes. Fast, portable, inexpensive and durable, let the Sinkmate System work for you.

Edgemate Stone Tools is exclusive licensed manufacturer for the

The Sinkmate System
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Edgemate 100
Edgemate Prowler
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Two great Edgemate edgers are ready for your jobs. We have simplified stone edge polishing so any shop can do fast, precise and ripple-free edge polishing. Both Edgemate line polishers are portable, durable, affordable and easy to use.
Edgemate Edging Systems

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